Friday, June 10, 2011

Day 11 of 30 …. Momma’s boy from day one to approximately day 1151

That is the day he became a little daddy’s man.
Ok it actually was a bit earlier that he became a mini me to big Cody. Maybe day 895 of his life. Daddy took him into the garage. And they worked on projects. And building, and hammering. Big Cody built a work bench for himself and set up little Cody’s work bench and train next to it. They have a grand ole time out there doing “man” stuff for hours at a time. It is the Codys bonding time. In this man cave where I only dwell to add stuff to my yard sell pile, big Cody has been holding/fixing a motorcycle for his friend for a loooong time now. Little Cody sees it. He sees daddy working on it, talking about it and so on. It doesn’t run right now so there it sits. But "they" work on it and discuss it.

Approximately day 1151 Big Cody finished an oil change on another friends bike. He had been asking to take me for a ride the whole time he was fixing it. So the day it was done I dug out my ten-e shoes and dusted off the cob webs put them on and we went for a ride quick 10 minute ride. It was awesome and scary for me at the same time. When we got back I ran to the neighbors to collect Lil C. Daddy ran in to the house. When he came back out Lil C was sitting on the bike with the helmet on. (The same helmet I wore.) Cody sat him in front of him on the motorcycle and they went for a quick ride around the neighborhood. 2 more rides later and a true motorcycle fan (monster) had been created. “Again, again!” he cried. Once inside we had to bribe him with the TV to distract and calm him from wanting to ride. He was so happy and loved it so super de duper much!

I will tell you I was more scared on his ride than my own. But Big Cody knows what he is doing. He is a great daddy! When the time came to give the bike back to its owner a coupla days later, the boys were in the garage. When the owner rode off on his ride tears once again flowed.

Big Cody said, “Welp, you can sure tell he’s my son.” Awwww. Melted my heart.


Desi said...

Too cute! I love the deep connection between the Codys. It's great to see that bond. What a great family you all are!

Jeaniece said...

That melted my heart too!!