Sunday, June 5, 2011

Day 7 of 30 . . . Oh the tele

Television that is. We are seriously thinking of cancelling the cable. But at the present time we are in a contract with a great deal that is tied to our Internet. But, oh the tell E vision. Quite an impression it is leaving on my lil guy.  I already reviewed some of what he says that is tied to the TV he watches, but it also is the only way I get any kind of "real" break or relaxation when daddy is working nights and it is just me and Lil C.

I get to relax to the sounds of
~The Little Einsteins
~Phineas & Ferb
~Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
These 4 are usually recorded. We have "einsteins" on DVD so we have those on often. 
He also loves the Toy Story. So much. Lately it has been mostly Einsteins, tho.

The other day I said, "uno" he said dos, I said "tres" he said "cinco!"  Close enough. I had no idea he knew how to count to any thing in Spanish. What the? this leads me to believe he may be watching a little too much TV at the daycare lady's house.  Does Dora count to 5 in elspanole? Hahaha.

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