Friday, June 24, 2011

Day 24 of 30 . . . what about your feet?

My little man loves to take off his shoes in the car.  I guess I get it. My shoes typically live in the car. But he does not realize that it is a pain in the reet-root when I am driving 5 minutes to the store and we get there and I have to reshoe the kid in the 170 thousand degree weather just to run into the stinkin store. I mean come on kiddo! Of course I could always leave hime shoeless (which I white trashy do some times) but then I have to carry him in so his footsies don't burn.

Shoeless at Sea World
His feet are growing fast all of the sudden. We had to buy new socks and new sandals the other day.  He seems to do better with those because of the heat, I guess. He is sure funny with the shoes in the car. More often than not he get taken to his day care lady's house with no feet coverings at all.   Then sometimes we will be home for hours and I have to remind him to take his shoes off. He just forgets inside. Ah, well. That is my silly shoeless boy.

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