Friday, June 3, 2011

Day 5 of 30 . . . Mmmm McAir Conditioner Play

Where can you take your kiddo when it is 100 degrees (ok fine, 97) outside and it is too hot for fat mommy to sit at the park?  McDonald's! Yay!  It can be free, too. My husband says he feels it is loitering if we don't at least by a soda for a buck. I say who cares? Maybe Big Cody just wants an excuse for some unlimited refills for a while. Any how... back to Lil' Cody.

So we take our bundle of energy to McDonald's. There a several I pass on the way home from work. One that we have gone to is right next to the Harley Davidson store.  Every time we take Cody there the same thing happens.  He is playing and he doesn't want to leave. That is not unique to this Mickey D's that is every one, buy what happens here is I am usually on the way home from work and wearing a dress. He climbs up in the play place and -brace yourself, this is not wonderful- poops his pants.  We are still at only about 57% of making in the potty for the numero dos, but when he is playing he does not want to stop.  Every time we have taken him to this play place this has happened.  So I end up trying to clean him and his nasty undies in the bathroom off to the side and we make a quick dash outta there.

You thought that was TMI, (too much info) then consider this your warning to stop reading.

Well, this latest time we went he was wearing his super awesome Harley Davidson underwear that I had a bidding war for on eBay and won at the grand ole price of $3 for 2 pair of brand new underpants.  There I was in that lil bathroom, dunking and cleaning.  I got the good enough to wrap in the shorts to take home. I finished cleaning him while he was standing barefoot in the sink and threw the wipey in the potty and flushed. I saw those underwear start to go. "Noooooo," I cried leaning to try to grab them, but that super toilet was too fast for me.  Those underwear are now a part of the San Antonio sewage system.

So what did we learn from all of this? Little Cody creates a bio hazard at the McDonald every 6 weeks or so.  We have to go to the other play place long enough for me to feel like the workers don't remember us.  But we still love Mc Air Conditioned Play Places!

A super cute Cody side note here.  There we these 2 little girls there and Cody was charming the socks off them. He was performing for them with all his minght. He was getting them to twirl with him and fall over.  He tried to get them to climb up the slide with him but when they didn't he stood on his head for them instead.  He was as his daddy put is, "over there panhandling for attention." Ha. See, I love this kid.

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