Thursday, June 2, 2011

Day 4 of 30 . . .Wild wild man

Wild man at age 3 = well behaved teenager through the teen years?

I sure hope so.

My sweet little Cody,

These days you have been a wild man. A super duper wild man. Every one says it is your age. Some say it is your delayed speech. Some one said changing your diet would help. Grandma Karen said maybe mommy needs a time out some times. (Mommy agrees.) We are not sure, but what ever the reason you are super hyper these days. You get super excited about wanting something and then forget how to tell me. Often you are still asking for things by pointing and pulling to get me to get you what you want. But, when prompted you will use the words. You are improving in your speech, but still delayed. We took you to a therapist and she said to wait 7 months and come back. I am thinking about trying to get you into the school speech program.

Regardless of the reason you are my hyper lil man. From the moment you wake up until the moment you fall asleep crying at your bedroom door you are going non stop. You have so much energy.  I love your excitement for life and the energy you have. We have been doing lotsa things to channel the energy for good. Daddy & I take you to the park. We go on walks. You have a little pool in the back yard.  Mommy got some big posters from work you draw on with markers. they are bigger than you. You have a fun time coloring all over those papers.  One day I didn't think you needed to draw. I put the marker up and gave you another toy. You found the marker and drew all over the nearest canvass you could find. Your self. (Hey, it was better than the walls!)

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