Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Snot snot snot. Sleepy, clap, snot

I am pretty sure one of my most exciting things will be when I teach Cody to blow. His nose that is. He already is great at doing blow fishes on my arm which I found out during Sunday School causes the people in front of us to turn around with odd looks on their faces. (Did they think I just let one rip, right there, I wonder?) Any way. Blow his nose. I am up at this hours I should be cozy asleep because his breathing is so labored. The mucus is all broken and wont come out. I use the aspirator (snot sucker) and he screams like I am torturing him. I have to pin him down it is awful. I think I got most of it out. I just put a pillow under his mattress so he is not flat. I will be sleeping in there tonight when I try to go back to sleep here in a minute. And yes I have the humidifier on. He is starting to sound a bit better.

Now here is a little story for you to enjoy:
At church we hung out in the foyer for a bit with 3 other babies who were not wanting to kick it in the chapel. One of the mom's was clapping and saying Yeah as the older 2 babies clapped along. Cody sat there and watch her intently. He kept watching her and then he lifted his hands like he was going to try to clap and then he smacked his legs. it was waaay cute. So later we went and saw High School Musical 3. When it was over I told him, "Yeah, It is over, yeah that was fun movie." And sitting there on my lap still watching the screen he clapped! On purpose!

So his first clap was at one of the cheesiest times to clap, ever. The end of a movie. (I am not saying I have never done it I am just saying that is pretty cheesy.) Not only was it at the end of a movie but at the end of HSM3. Hahahaha. So, Cody my dear boy, when you are in High School and you are all cool and what not, one of your friends is going to dig up your mothers blog and share your love of HSM3 with the other jocks. Watch out! But really that is ok because then you will know it is ok to know the joys of singing and playing sports, too!


buchananclan said...

Good luck with trying to teach Cody how to blow his nose. I am still trying to get Ian to do that and he is 3 1/2. If only he knew how much easier it would make things if he could just blow his nose.

And Yeah (clap, clap) for Cody on learning to clap!!!

Brianna said...

yeah umm excuse me! But i clapped at the end of High School Musical 3!! Gosh! LOl... Thast great! I hated blowing my nose when i was little sometimes my granpda would walk over with his hankerchief and blug our nose and just say blow evemn when we didnt have a stuff nose...well i guess i always sound like i have a stuffy nose ha ha ha :D