Thursday, October 16, 2008

Come sail away come sail away with me

So, this happened the other day. I am still laughing about it. I can not explain it as great as it happened since it is a visual thing, but I am gonna try...

Cody was sitting on the middle of my bed. Bella was at the foot. She was flapping her tail all around like she tends to do. Cody some how was able to catch it. This is what I got to see: Bella trying to jump off the bed only to realize Cody still had her tail. It was almost like she sling shotted back to the bed after being in mid air leaping off of the bed. And… at the same time Cody flew from facing her to flat on his tummy arms stretched out still holding onto that tail. Bella was claws out ready to attack her assailant when she realized it was the baby. She retreated her claws and gave him one more hiss, shook her tail free and jumped gracefully off the bed. Every time I picture this I laugh. Cody looked a little dazed but all in all very happy. He just loves his kitty.

So tonight I posed them trying to get a visual for ya, but Bella is way too calm here and not in mid air. (They are more centered toward the middle of the bed then they were when this happened! And Cody is not flat face down!)


Jaime said...

Cody is so adorable!! Hope you are doing great

kristen said...

OMG! That is so funny! Dan and I are cracking up about that, trying to picture it in our heads.