Friday, September 26, 2008


My sister in law Lauren tagged me into explaining seven quirks about my self and tagging four other people to do the same thing.

1. I don’t think bacon belongs in unnecessary places. I can have a whole pound of it by itself in one sitting but do not; I repeat do not ruin my burger or salad by adding bacon to it. Bacon is good by itself but rarely does it belong with anything else.

2. I have been thinking about this for 2 weeks now. I keep coming up with things about me and now I am having a brain freeze. It is driving me crazy! I am a tad bit OCD and since I decided I was going to do this it has been nagging me in the back of my mind that it is not done yet. And it is just a game and no one cares if I do it or not. But one quirky thing is it will hound me until it is done. And when that was number 2!

3. Any time I am walking past any type of reflective glass (or plastic) I have to check myself out. I have to. I use to not even realize I was doing it but years ago Deja pointed it out to me in line for Star Tours. Yeppers, there is reflective red plastic in that line. It isn’t that I am a narcosis or anything, I am just self conscious so I look.

4. Advertising works on me. I will see a commercial hear one on the radio and days later I will buy the product. A few little bit after I purchase said product I see or hear the commercial again and I realize this is why I “had to” buy Hot Tamales, or grapes from a specific store, or whatever. Darn advertisers!

5. My ears are very sensitive to radio white noise insomuch so that it causes me a headache so bad I can barely function. The radio either need to be up loud enough to hear and discern the song/under stand the voices or it needs to be off. None of that so low I can barely hear it crap. I am getting sore just thinking about it. But, the fan doesn’t bother me. The loud baby monitor is ok, too. I think that one is ok because it is my link to Cody in the night.

6. I like to make up fake diets. Like the Corn diet and the alphabet diet and the color diet. I use to joke about going on the corn diet. I was going to only eat things that had the word corn in them. Like Corn, candy corn, corn nuts, popcorn, Cornish game hen, corn beef, corn bread, corn on the cob. Think I’d lose weight? I am sure I would. It is a 2 week diet. The alphabet diet is like this: It is a 26 day diet. It is called the alphabet diet.
Day one you only eat foods that start with the letter A
Day 2 you only eat foods that start with the letter B
Day 3 you only eat foods that start with the letter C
And so on.
You can have water every day, but you can only have water mix ins or juice on the day of that letter.
So day one you can have apple juice and artichokes and Arby’s
Day two might be burger king. And bacon and a burrito and well, there is a lot.
I don’t know if you can lose weight on this dies. I am pretty sure I would be fasting on day 16 and U.

7. The back of my car has the little people stickers. They are the ones from Disney where we are wearing Mickey Hats. Me, then Bella, then Cody. Bella is before Cody because Bella was born first. She is older.

Ok, I would tag Heather but she already did it. I will tag Megan, Meagan, Kristen, and Steffie.

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korie said...

You are to funny! I love that you explain why Cody after Bella! Also I love bacon on anything!