Wednesday, September 3, 2008

6 1/2 months old wearing size 18 months pants.

Yep, that's right. I sent Cody to day care in size 12 month baby jeans and when I picked him up he was wearing size 18 months shorts. He can only really wear pants that button. The elastic bands don't stretch enough to go past his thighs. On Tuesday when his pants were changed he was wearing big boy 12 months jeans that got up over his thighs but they were squishing his poor tummy. Above: The too small pants. Oh, and the shoes too. His one and only time wearing them. They were a gift. I took back the size two's and got the bigger size. They are too small too since his foot is too wide! Some one asked me if his dad was Samoan today. I think it was the orange shirt. He loves his bath cup.
Cody and his best friend and older sister, Bella. She didn't try to get away or even scratch him. It was so sweet! and I know he was pulling her fur. Poor girl. But she was a good big cuddling sister today. I was a proud momma. Thanks for checking out our blog! Have a happy day!


thebuchananfam said...

What a big cute boy!! and the pics with Cody and Bella are so cute. We have a cat and she is very mean and HATES the kids. Maybe someday we will have cat that will let the kids near it like yours.

Oh Ian has WIDE feet too and it is a pain to try to find good shoes that fit him!

korie said...

My favorite is the one with the binky and the cat! That one should go in a frame! Your walls are going to be covered!

Mindie said...

Love the cat pic's! so sweet!! How are you? Where in AZ do you live?