Sunday, September 14, 2008

It's like the old slambooks.

I was tagged by Heather

I am: feeling huge! Stinkin' cookies!
I think: I ate so many it is making my tummy hurt
I know: My oven sucks. I will be glad to have a different one when I move, that is one good thing about moving
I want: get motivated to get back on track with the weight loss
I have: a small tummy ache
I dislike: traffic
I miss: my grandma
I fear: snakes and rape. Just kidding that is Catalina from My name is Earl, she fears those things.
I feel: big
I hear: the TV. Wayne's World, Wayne's World Party time excellent!
I smell: cookies and my Scentsy thing-a-ma-jigger
I crave: nothing right now. No, wait, deep down I crave the love of a good man. A partner to share my life with. Love, happiness, eternal salvation. Yah, I crave those things.
I cry: when I am mad
I usually: get places early
I search: the eBay
I wonder: if my home teachers are coming. They are 18 minutes late. Maybe I should call.
I regret: eating so many cookies because I know I want some popcorn later but man am I full!
I love: my family
I care: about my family.
I always: wear deodorant
I worry: about moving and the cost and if I will be able to get my head above water any time soon.
I am not: skinny
I remember: New York in April. It was beautiful. (years ago.)
I believe: that you can make it better if you want to
I dance: for my baby
I sing: to Cody every day. All day.
I don't always: shave my legs
I argue: when I feel really mad or trapped.
I write: on my blog
I win: most of the time. Just kidding.
I lose: my debit cards and such all the time due to moving them from my diaper bag to my pump bag to my pocket and back
I wish: I hadn't eaten so many cookies
I listen: to the music on my blog and Heather's and Korie's
I don't understand: why I started doing this with out realizing how long it was.
I can usually be found: with food near by. I really need to get new eating/health habits
I am scared: I will forget where I came from and go back to making big mistakes. I can't let that happen
I need: to keep doing good
I forget: lotsa things. I have an awful memory. Except for when it comes to conversations. Remind me of the conversation and I will remember almost word for word. (with in the last um, little while? Month? I don't know. Arrg. I forget.)
I am happy: and I know it so I clap my hands. That made it hard to type. But I really am happy. Woo-hoo! Except for the cookie crap.

I tag: Brianna, Kristen, Korie anyone else who wants to do this!!

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korie said...

Those are totally like slam books! I feel so special that you listen to my music. And you are WAY TOO HARD on yourself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!