Saturday, September 27, 2008

Oh, the fun we'll have....

Our Disney Adventure!

We rode the bus to California with my work turnaround trip. We went with Kristen, her husband Dan, Megan, and Casey. The bus was really cold. It was pretty cool getting to hold Cody, but not so safe. Kristen had him laughing like crazy. It was so cute. When we got to the park Deja's friend Anthony signed us in. Deja met up with me and the Code-man after she got off work. My grandparent came out, too. Then after they left Tina and Jeremy came to meet me and Cody for dinner.

We started our day with the Monorail. We rode in the front. That was super sweet! Now I am going to us load some pictures. :)
C is for Cody. That is good enough for me!

Breakfast at Ariel's Grotto. Dining with Disney princesses!

It was a fun tiring trip. We even stayed the night at the Disneyland hotel and drove home in a retal van. That was fun to me. I want a mini van. I really liked it. Cody pooped on the way and we didnt even smell it until I took him out to change him. It was so bad that Kristen had to hold him in the air while I wiped him down. Now, there's a friend!

These pictures were totally not in order!

The jungle cruise. Awww. Megan and I went back to the bus at the end of the night dropped Casey off and got all our stuff. It was a funny sight walking from the parking lot to the hotel. Cody's stroller stacked high with him balanced on top. I wish we would have got a picture of that!

Welp, thanks for reading. We had such a great time. Thanks to everyone who met up with us and who went with us! We love you all!


Meagan said...

Looks like a fun time!

korie said...

Take me next time! I miss Disneyland so much. Cody sure is getting big.

Michelle said...

He's soooo big now!! They grow up FAST!!!

korie said...

Hey thanks for the comment. I usually try to change it every time I do a post and you reminded me. So I changed it again...thanks.