Sunday, October 7, 2012

Mommy & friends

We call every one "the friends." Monday through Friday the friends come over. We love it.

Caden's shirt says "I'm the cute one." It is a shirt of truth. 

I changed my hair. I like it. After the fade we'll see. Eventually back to blonde. It always happens. 
Secret: I did this to the kids first. Then I did mine the next day. 

I told Cody we were playing Snoop Dogg. We came up to the computer and I showed him a picture of Snoop Dogg. He was not happy with me. He told me, "No! I am being a real dog.  A black one." Brawhahaha!  Poor B had 3 french braids, before I did Cody's hair. An experiment gone wrong. They had fun, though. 

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