Monday, January 24, 2011

Long hair. Short Hair Crazy Texas crazy hair!

My husband aka hubby lover man, is such a trooper. He poses for all sorts of pictures I am sure he would rather not. It is because he loves me and knows I love taking the pictures. This one was to admire my hair do. See? ...
Here are some more....
Haha. Extensions?
Crazy curls.
straighty straight in the car.
Bubble fro, covering real fro.
Pig tails. I swore I wasn't gonna do it after 30. I guess I was wrong.
(P.S. if any of you who knew me when I made that rule were wondering, some times when I go out with my girls (as in teenage daughters) I put the glimmery glittery type stuff on, too. Ha! Yah, glitter after thirty should be a no go, but what evs. Some times it is just fun. Just like saying what evs is.)


Jeaniece said...

you are sooooooooo uber cute, but what Love you

Shweta said...

so cute .........kid u hav..and a nice family