Monday, February 14, 2011

Car(pool) Adventures

I love my little Cody car pool buddie!

The family carpooling to take the girls home. We got a flat on the freeway. Further adventure happened when Stephanie leaned in the car to get her bag and it rolled off the jack. Little Cody and our cat named Mouse were inside. Luckily it stopped pretty quickly. I had a mini panic moment. Yipes.  We were near an off ramp but I was afraid we would ruin the whole rim and everything so Cody stopped on the freeway. This gave me and the girls a chance to slide down a large concrete slab. It was not as fun or scary as we thought it might be.  Geeze! Who lets their kids play on the freeway?!? (not me, really it was a slab going away from the freeway, not on it. Ha.)  Cody fixed the tire and we were on the road again in no time.

It is nice to have a big strong man around.

When I flip the camera so I can see the picture it makes a mirror image. Weird. Yes, I was driving in these pictures. As you can see it was perfectly safe. We were stopped.

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