Friday, July 31, 2009

Old friends new memories. . . Part 4 of our July Vacation.

Like I said. These vacation pictures are not in order. We visited with some more old friends of mine.
Clock wise from left: We met up with a friend in LA on the way to Sheron's house. He asked that I not post his picture in the blog and that is the face Cody made at him. Ha! Then on the way back through LA we stopped in "the Valley" and met up with Lorant. (and avoided a car accident by stopping.) Then we went on down to Irvine and met up with Mook for dinner. Cody is helping him clean his face. The next day in San Diego we got to go to lunch with Lorina. Lorina and I were like totally BFF's in 9th grade. We even made my matching clown Halloween costumes you can see me and Jeaniece wearing on my blog post from October. Haha.

I always say a trip to California doesn't really count as a vacation, but this really was a vacation for us. It was so nice seeing these peeps and Korie (&Jaime) and Sheron.


Jaime said...

So fun seeing you too!! Next time you are out we will have to get togeher again.

Jeaniece said...

we had such a fun vacation. I love you and Cody. It was awesome.