Monday, August 3, 2009

Vacation blog 5. San Diego beach days!

The last area of our vacation was San Diego. We went the beach a couple days while we were down there. It was lotsa fun!

And Cody is so cool and styling with his sun glasses. On the last beach day, it was after my sister Melissa's wedding. She had a big beach party cook out for both families. It was so fun. Cody slept for 3 hours of it. That was pretty funny. He just wasn't feeling well the whole second half of our vacation.

(As with all of these collages on the blog, if the pictures look blurry you can click on it and make it big and it wont be blurry any more.)


Graves Family said...

that sure was a fun vacation. Cody was sure a sweetheart to let you go boogy boarding (is that how you spell boogy? cuz it looks weird). and how did you get the pictures all in that square thing looking so organized, you've gota teach me.

korie said...

I love all your beach pictures. Your little Cody sure was a trooper :)