Wednesday, July 1, 2009

10 Mega-pixels = mega annoying

Ok, so I got a new camera the Canon Powershot Sd 1200. I love it so far. Not like the Nikon Coolpix which I had for less than 24 hours. Here on some pictures from both cameras. The first 4 are from the Nikon Coolpix I returned. Cody was too orange. He looked like an oompa loompa!

These next few are from the new camera.
10 Mega pixels takes so looooong to upload. I tried to email my self a few to work and it exceeded the email bandwidth. I think I might reduce the setting to they are not so gigantic! Urrg. Plus grandpa Kern will have a hard time opening them with them sooo big! The first few are taking forever to upload here, too.

While I am waiting on those pictures I will recap a bit.
I am going to be late to work if we wait much longer.
We are going to my friend Angela's house tonight to watch SYTYCD (So, You Think You Can Dance.)
Tomorrow I am going to see Wicked! with my sister Jeaniece and Meagan and Lauren.
Friday we need to go swimming.
Saturday too. I have got to make that 3 times a week goal.
Hopefully soon my little guy with realize he can walk on his own.
He is talking more. He says tree and can sign a few more words, too. Please and eat are his newest. Still waiting on the pictures. I have to head out to work though!

Have a great day. Melissa's wedding is coming soon! I ma so excited for that, too! And that mean vacation for me, too! Woo-hoo! Arrg! this is taking forever. I have all the paitence of a man hanging off a construction beam on the 20th floor of a building when he is down to the last few fingers of his grip. Get it going!!


Angela said...

Ha ha, your impatience is funny! Reminds me of myself! If you make the picture size smaller it should help...I had the same problem and it worked for me. I'm glad you went with the Canon! The pictures look so much better! See you and Cody later!

Jeaniece said...

Yes...2nd camera is definately better. You looked so cute in the cowboy hat. Cody is so cute.