Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Cody at Church

He is not quite nursery age, but we have been going there for a few months so he doesn't distract in Sunday School. I stay with him since he isn't old enough. This week he was the only kid! We played for a bit and then we to Relief Society. This is Cody at church. He loves church! He has lots of friends there. Young and old.

I sure get some silly pictures with the way he closes his eyes when I count for the picture. It cracks me up! The one below was me playing with my camera and semi blocking the TV. No blocking the Little Einsteins, mommy!!


korie said...

Can't wait to see that cutie-pie!

Jeaniece said...

those are cute pictures.. he loved the chair. hee hee

Mindie said...

So cute I always Love to read ur blog and look at all ur cute pic's! U are such a fun Mom!