Monday, February 2, 2009

You know how I know it's an inney?

This is like a mad lib where you choose your own word out of the two to complete the story/blog.

So, Cody and I had a new experience/problem tonight. We had a typical dinner/snack of crackers and cheese. When I pulled Cody out of his high chair I notice some Ritz/cracker on his tummy/in his belly button! I tried to flick/knock it out but part of it broke off and seemed to go in deeper. I tried to blow on it but that wasn't working, so then I turned Cody over and gave him a jiggle. It took a few tries/some creative thinking on my part but it came out.

Once again, thanks to Cody's mommy... crisis averted, crisis averted!!


HB Mom said...

Ha Ha that is soo funny!! Good job mom!

The Finger Family said...

You are such a fun Mom.. Always making me laugh! I thought for a second there you were going to tell us that you had to take the vacuum to his Belly Button!!! LOL

I hope that Cody has the Best Birthday Ever on Saturday! We mailed him a package.. Hopefully he will get it in time. Happy 1st Birthday little guy!