Sunday, February 22, 2009

A Cody fix for those who need it, with a side of Drew!

He was really concentrating on the TV. It was so cute!

Silly Drewbie.. You are not suppose to eat the lid!
Even the kiddos love Chino Bandido!


Jaime said...

Shawndel, Cody is so cute!! Your a lucky mommy :)

Jeaniece said...

My kid is cute too. But yes jaime is right you are a lucky mommy

The Finger Family said...

Cody is so cute. His little faces make me laugh.

Ok so I am sorry for not texting you this week. I literally have a blood blister on my finger that is killing me.. Yes.. "The Finger" hurt her Finger so texting is out. It's a long story.. it has something to do with a shop vac that still smelled like Christmas tree, some dog hair, pieces of the dog’s bed all over the floor in the garage, a determined Sheron, a pair of needle nose Pliers, a few cuss words and a husband that is at work! The end result was a clean garage, a throbbing finger, and a cleaned out shop vac that no longer smells like Christmas tree.

I bet that you are also wondering how I can type then..Very carefully my friend. LOL

Yes.. I am a dork!

Anyways.. my sis got me a plane ticket to Texas. I will be gone from the 11th until the 24th of March. Yes it is a very long time and I hope that Jake and I will survive.. but I am also very bummed that I won’t be here when you come to Cali. Um can we please work on coordinating these vacations a little better? Dam. I am very sad but I know that there will be other times. Our house is always open if you need a place to stay. I miss you!!! Xoxoxoxox Kiss that handsome boy for me! ttyl