Saturday, February 14, 2009

A snake peed on me.... Eww. Seriously, eww.

My friend Marah and I took our kids to a reptile exhibit. It wasn't as big as we thought it was going to be but we got to see some reptiles. Then we went to lunch and shopping. We had fun!

Cody didn't really notice the snakes or other reptiles at all.
It may look like he was looking at the snake here, but he was really looking at Erica. She noticed the snakes. She wasn't too sure about them, though.
This is the snake that relieved its self on us. No wonder Erica wants nothing to do with it!
Me and the kiddos!
Costco makes a stroller for the mom on the shopping trip! So cute. And totally nap time!


Jeaniece said...

You guys are so cute. sorry I could not come I wasnt invited, oh yes I was, then I was uninvited, lol. Just kidding

Graves Family said...

i love the pic of the two of them!! They looked unimpressed. too cute!