Sunday, October 31, 2010

We are here to trick or treat....

Little Einsteins got us again. A song stuck in our heads all month long. We are here to trick or treat, trick or treat, trick or treat, we are here to trick or treat. On Happy Halloween.... Thanks.
Last night was our Trunk or Treat. It was loads of fun. Here a a few pictures. I forgot my camera at home. I was able to get a couple of pictures on my phone. (And some before we left.)
Linda brought her friend Anna. Linda was a cat and Anna a cowgirl.
I was a lioness and Little Cody was a lion. Big Cody won a prize for best hat. Hahaha. Love it. The turkey and lion. Rawr!! (And waaahh!)
Cody was literally eating 2 suckers at one time.

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