Sunday, May 24, 2009

Revenge of the Hot Kitty. Also titled how one AZ Kitty Gets her Revenge!

I love this little guy. We went to a yard sale Saturday morning to help raise money for the Scouts in our ward to get to go to camp. This was different than most Saturdays when we go yard sale-ing to buy junk (stuff) for ourselves. We even donate a bunch of stuff. The we in this blog is basically me and Cody.

Poor Bella had to stay home. She is pretty much hating it. I have been leaving the AC on at 79 or 80 degrees. For those of you not in Arizona that is like 20 degrees cooler than the out side. But it is still not too cool for the cat who doesn't get to go out to see how hot it is and then come and and feel the cool 80 degree air conditioned room. Bella expresses her annoyance with me by getting her revenge. (This posting seems to have become about her, after all.) She gets her revenge by waking me up at 5AM everyday. At least a good 30 minutes before I am ready to get up. She pounces on to my bed. Not just a delicate jump, but a hard impact pounce to jostle me out of my slumber. Then she moves on to the night stand to get leverage to get to the window where once she hops over she proceeds to sit in the window and wag her tail (do cats wag their tails?) She moves that long tail back and forth and up and down causing the blinds to hit back and forth. Thump swish swish. Thump Swish swish. Finally agitatedly I say, through gritted teeth in my most authoritative voice I can muster while trying to convince myself I am still asleepBella! At which juncture Bella hops off the window and on to the computer key board and then on to the scanner where she stays and again starts with the tail which inevitably makes me feel like she is going to break some thing so I sit up and give her the Bella! and she hops down and goes into the kitchen. Once in the kitchen she knocks things around. Then meows. By this time I typically debate to get up and shut the door or not. But I want to be able to hear Cody if he wakes up. Plus her liter box is in my bathroom. So I try to ignore her and still pretend to myself I am still asleep, until she ponces on the bed and starts the whole cycle again. By this time about 15 minutes has gone by and my alarm is set to go off in another 15-20. Man, oh man does she get her revenge.
This was her when she was young.
The Bella story totally took over this blog. I will tell you about the rest of our weekend and post more Cody pictures in an upcoming blog.

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korie said...

I love that pic of Cody in his stroller he looks like an old pro at yard sale-ing. My kids love to go to yard sales too@