Friday, May 1, 2009

Funeral, Family, Disneyland, driving. That is not in order

Grandpa Ferguson passed away. Jeaniece and I took Drew and Cody and we went to California to go to the funeral.
We stay at grandma and grandpa Kern's house. We went to church with them on Sunday and to "the Park" on Monday (you have your way of grieving, I have mine.) Tuesday we drove around with Colissa doing errands and getting stuff ready for the funeral on Wednesday. Wednesday was the funeral and the celebration of life gathering afterward. We drove back yesterday. On the way out of town we stopped at the beach. Cody loooved it. He feel asleep right when we got there and I really wanted him to see it so I woke him up. I had to pat his face to get him to wake up. It was soo worth it. He was so excited! Today Cody and I regrouped a little and then my parent came over. Tomorrow we are going to see Sesame Street Live (I won tickets! Woo-hoo! Thanks Mom Zone!) and possibly yard sale-ing in the morning. Here are pictures of my week. Church was funny.
Me and my seester at church.
On our way to the park. Isn't my grandma cute?
On the tram. The second ride of the day! The first was Jeaniece's driving to get us there. Hahaha. Long standing joke.Who knew Cody would be afraid of Mickey!
Thanks to Deja for making this day happen for us. She's the bestest!
Me and my grandma.
I just realized this is going to be a very loooong post if I keep this up so I am going to skip the rest of the park. You can see more of those pictures on my facebook if you want. I will post 'em soon. On to the next thing.Cody and I each took one flower from the arrangement at the grave. This is his. It is behind his carseat and mine is on the dashboard of my car. The funeral was very nice.
These are my cousin's Colissa and Jane at my Aunt Donna's house after the funeral.
It was good to see everybody. This is me and Cody and grandma Ferguson.
This is Colissa, Grandma Ferguson, Uncle Kenny and his wife Wendy, the Uncle Tim and his wife (also named) Wendy. With me and Coders up front.
Drew and Cody on the way home. I am going to do another post with Cody's magic trick and the beach. They are so cute!


buchananclan said...

I think we should have a cousin reunion at Disneyland sometime. I think it would be fun, oh and of course Grandma & Grandpa could come too!!!

Amy and Sam said...

Sorry about your grandpa. Your grandma is so cute. It looks like you had a good time at Disney. I'm a little bit jealous. I LOVE going to Disneyland. I hope you had a happy Mother's day. Thanks again for the survival bag.