Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Korie has inspired me

I feel like I haven't posted a blog here in a long while. It isn't true, it has been since May 2. But since this is an online journal of sorts I want to post more often. At least to get some pictures up. I have been letting my friends inspire me by their good examples. Last night Cody and I went swimming after a comment a friend left me on facebook about how she takes here baby just about every day. We had so much fun. My goal for the swimming is 3 times a week. (No pictures this time as it was just us.)
Here is a random sampling of pictures from the last few weeks.
We went to lunch and Target with Jeaniece and Drewbie the other day. Drew and Cody were being little posers!

Drew kept asking for more pictures. he was loving it. What a little ham!
At Cody's 15 month check up he was not really showing his skills. His doctor is a little concerned that he doesn't walk or talk much. He says mama and Bella. He throws a few other words out there when he feels like it. But not much. Dr. Judie was also a little concerned that he has lost weight. He went from being in the 90 percentile to the 50 percentile. This is Cody's face after she left:
He was like, physical therapy? Really? Waaah. No thanks! I will get it soon! That is what these faces said to me. Dr. Judie also told us, the slow down in weight gaining is normal unless his parents are Amazons. (Hasn't she seen me?) So, since he eats pretty darn good we are not concerned so much. Miss Patti and I hope he doesn't get too skinny. (Like one of his parents.) But with my large size I am hoping he evens out.

And finally, this is yesterday.
On the way home. Ahhh.


Jeaniece said...

Ok Dokie..I will comment in the morning. Loved reading. Cute pictures. You are the bomb I love you.

korie said...

Well thanks you!!! Now I'd better keep it up huh.

I just love the pictures of the boys in the cart at target. I'm gona take my camera next time. We are at Target all the time and to remember how cute they look sitting in that red cart... awwe... it doesn't last long.