Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Take a trip to texas; it's a lovely place to go.

Cody and I went to Texas to visit my friend Cody. We had a great time. It was a quick trip to San Antonio.
We saw as much of the town as we could in a scenic driving tour. It was nice. It was winter. We don't have seasons here in AZ really, so what is green stays green most of the year round. All the barren trees were a tad sad to me. But, I bet they are beautiful in the spring and fall.
We went by Big Cody's shop. Where little Cody got to ride a bike! Watch out!

He loved it so much he tried out another one at another shop. Yes, folks we went to 3 bike shops while we were there.
We walked around the famous San Antonio Riverwalk. They also had this crazy 4 story mall at the river walk were it was like Ikea trying to figure out how to get to the ground level. (For those of you who don't know Ikea is not my happy place.) But the mall was actually pretty cool. And the riverwalk was amazing. But it was night so the pictures are basically just us.

Back at the house Big Cody had his Tonka trucks from 1977 and he sat Cody in it to ride. He loved being pushed back and forth as you can see from this picture:

welp, this has been another long one folks. Thanks for reading and have a happy day! *Muah*


korie said...

Good thing Cody had his most appropriate shirt on for this trip! Looks like he was preforming lots of stunts.

Robb said...

ahhhh...so cute, I love the pictures.You and Cody look so happy.