Monday, January 12, 2009

The Good, the Bad, and the Big Ole Baby... Longest blog eva! (Even the title)

My mom and dad are here! Yippie. I mean not here at my place but here in Arizona. On Friday we met up for dinner. Some Chino Bandido. It is a Chinese Mexican food place that is so yummy.

Then Saturday was Hudson's second birthday Hooplah. (that is my brother Abe's son.)

Then Sunday we had our family Christmas party. That was a lot of fun. My mom wanted us to start a family tradition of acting out the nativity story. What a blast that was. We have a nice dinner. We played a game and the mom just kept the presents coming. She made these awesome books for all her grand kids. I love it. I am so happy they are here. I am trying to convince them to stay until Cody's 1st birthday extravaganza is over. :) Here are the pictures from the past few days:
Cody loves grandpa!

We finally got him to stop starring and trying to love grandma long enough for this picture.

Getting ready for "the play." I don't think Ryan did it right. Ah, well on to the nativity. I was Mary and Ethan was Joseph. Cody was baby Jesus. Meagan and Hudson were the inn keepers who turned us away. Lauren had room in her stable. Drew was a shepherd (Robb sat this one out) and Jeaniece an angel. Ryan and his kids were going to be the wise men, but we didn't have 2 years to wait for them to arrive so they were shepherds, too which was good so that Drew wasn't our lowly single shepherd. Abe was the narrator. Like I said it was pretty funny and a whole lot of fun.

I have a hard time with Cody sleeping in his own bed. Tonight I was determined. He cried heart wrenching sobs for 10 minutes. I had to finally go in and clean the snot from his nose and face and love him. Then I sang to him. Then I laid on the floor next to his crib and held his hand. Then I left and the screaming crying sad little big sobs started again. It really breaks my heart when I know holding him can stop the tears. But he knows it too. So I had to let it happen. I usually don't. I usually look at it like, why should he have to cry. He wants to be with me and I want him to. But I know he has to learn. So, five or 7 more minutes of the hard cries. Actually my timing is off because it went on for about a total of 30 minutes tonight. He finally fell asleep. I shut my bedroom door with Bella and me in here. That way he wouldn't be bothered and I kept his door open. oooh. It is hard to let him cry like that. He is so cute. Look: tonight's bath and stuff.

He drank out of a straw the right way for the first time tonight too! And had is first fast food. (Beans and cheese from Taco Bell. He looooved it, by the way!)


buchananclan said...

Looks like you nativity scene would have been so much fun to watch!! What a fun idea. So are you going to do it every year?

korie said...

Those are all great posts. I just want to squeeze that little boy. I can't believe he gonna be 1.

Those are great costumes and it looks like you had a great Christmas.

Jeaniece said...

Ok....1st thing 1st...No we did not have 2 pregnant Mary's. That was an awful angel angle..Lol...anyhow, I would like to think that i am not that fat, but once I lose a lot of weight that will be a good before picture