Saturday, January 17, 2009

Over the river and through the woods to our house grandmother comes!

I forgot my camera, again!! Aaarg! This first picture is stole from Meagan's page. It is me and my mommy at Hudson's party.
Today grandma took all her grandsons and their moms to Build a Bear and then to lunch. It was so fun. Cody made a monkey. He kissed the heart to give it love and rubbed it on his heart. He picked clothes for him. First we pick a Harley Davidson jacket but we put that back for some church clothes. The we fluffed him and then filled out his adoption certificate. Cody named him.

This is his first build a bear. His name is Ba Duh Duh Duh.

I learned to do the timer on my cell phone. Jeaniece the sister is smaller than Jeaniece the angel... see....
Ethan is so sweet. Not so easy to tell from this picture where he is being a big ole grump! :)

Mom, Lauren, Code-man & I went to an antique mall after the mall mall.


HB Mom said...

It looks like Cody had so much fun. I can't wait to see you guys at Cody's first birthday. I might be doing the drive by myself but do you know anyone who has a couch on I can crash on? :) By the way, I figured out the blog thing. Go check it out! :)

kristen said...

How fun! I always want to go to build a bear at DTD but Dan never lets me.

Your mom is wearing Crocs... I love it!

Jeaniece said...

You look cute in the picture w/ Mom.

Graves Family said...

what a fun day! Breghten carries his Kwally everywhere.