Sunday, August 3, 2008

There's always time for a clothing montage!

Jeaniece and Ethan came over for a little bit on Friday night. And Jeaniece and I did a clothing montage. There were lots more outfits than these but the camera only came out for the twinsey type clothes. Our "photog" (a term I picked up while working the scene, the Disneyland media event scene, that is) was really corney and wouldn't snap the picture fast enough. We need to fire that 7 year old kid and get a new photog. Pronounced fo-tog. After they left Cody and I chilled and then Ryan and Lauren and their kids stopped by. Breghten thought the walker thing looked fun. The other day Cody had his first Cheerio. Yes, one. It was so cute and funny. I tried to capture it on video. he made the best face. I think the video might be Cheerio number 2. The first whole one eaten, though. Contrary to what I say in the video he keeps it in!

P.S. This blog shows I have a lot of weight to lose. But, eh, we were having fun so I posted the pictures.


thebuchananfamily said...

How fun to live by family and get to hang out and do fun things. I sure wish I had some of my family close by. Tell Jeaniece I said "HI"!!!

Deja said...

I love Cody! Look at those cheeks!!!