Thursday, August 7, 2008

Baby clothing montage!!! And some random stuff!

Of course I am partial because he is my baby, but Cody is sooo cute! He makes me so happy. I am so lucky to be his mom. I am so blessed to have him in my life.

Cody did a clothing montage, too! '

So I deleted my myspace. I have had it for so long. It was a big deal to me to cancel it. It said it would take 48 hours to be deleted but it is taking longer than that. I already can't log on but people who were my friends can still see my profile. It is super annoying. Ah, well. Hopefully it will be done soon since I can't access it or change anything.

The above pictures are Ethan and Cody at church. Ethan came to church with us on Sunday and had a good time. He really did. I was happy to hear that. I got a calling. I am the relief society chorister. I am musically challenged, so it has been interesting to say the least. I am learning, though. I have some nice people helping. I am even learning to hear and feel the beat.

We most likely will be moving when our lease is up. Need something more economical. And Cody's daycare is retiring in the middle of next year. She was one reason I was looking to stay in this area. I might end up moving closer to my work for economic reasons.


korie said...

Congratulations on the new calling! Wow I could never do that one!

I canceled my my space too! It kind of felt empowering! I felt like a grown up again!

I love love love those chubby cheeks! I think Cody is just the cutest baby boy ever!

korie said...

I'm not sure when we are moving... we are waiting for our house to sell. It could be months at this rate... I would to see you guys!

korie said...

That was supposed to say i would LOVE to see you guys!