Friday, September 25, 2015

Accidental Bucket list

Here's some stuff of the stuff I've done in my life that sometimes shows up on peoples bucket list. I just did these things living my life. Maybe I should make a bucket list.
~ snorkeling in Hawaii
~ climbed to the top of a volcano
~ danced in Central Park
~ ran a half marathon at Disneyland and the surrounding area
~ worked at Disneyland
~ was an extra in a movie
~ was an audience member on America's Funniest Home Videos and the man show and Price is Right
~ danced in the show on a stage in front of over a thousand people
~ owned my own business
~ mom to two little humans
~ drove a car over at speed of a hundred miles an hour
~ had a sing off on the ferry to Ellis Island to the Statue of Liberty
~ randomly broke out into choreographed dance in the supermarket with other people
~ participated in a canoe race on a canoe racing team
~ took ice skating lessons
~ played the saxophone for 6 years
~ took belly dance classes
~ played in a dodgeball competition
~ rode in a hot air balloon

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