Sunday, March 16, 2014

Look who had a Spiderman Bike 6th Birthday Bash!

This little boy was so excited to turn 6.  For at least 6 months he had been telling me he wanted to have a Spider-man Bike Party for his birthday.  The awesome mom I am I was happy to oblige.  Since we have only been in Arizona about a month and a half we didn't know a whole lot of kids his age to invite. But not to worry, we have family here! Woo-hoo! We decided to hold this birthday bash at grandma Karen and grandpa Benny's house.

Made a red crepe paper Spider Web

Gift bags and more webs with red spider eggs

On the day of the party Grandma Karen took lil Cody to the movie, just the 2 of them.  They went and saw the Lego Movie.  Lil Cody told me that movie was awesome. He still sings the song, "Every thing is awesome."  While they were gone Ella and Olivia helped me decorate the house for the birthday. I made a spider web out of crape paper. (It was red!)  We also hung creepy spider webs so high in the ceiling.  there were balloons and Spiderman masks all around.

Spidey Cousins! 

The Daily Bugle(s)!

Spider Web Pops

O enjoying a spider web 




The Cake Redo

Cody's cousins came and his friend Sophie. They rode bikes and made a spider web to trap Grandma, Grandpa, and uncle Robb.  He got lots of great gifts and had a all around Spier-riffic birthday!

This was the 1st cake. the ugliest thing I ever made! Ha! 

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