Monday, March 24, 2014

Happiest Place on Earth is with my Family!

With all the changes and things my boys and I have been through in the past 9 months we have stayed a happy little family. And to celebrate that I was blessed to have the chance to take my kids to the Happiest Place on Earth.  Grandma Kerns House! Woo-hoo! And while we were there we went to the 2nd Happiest Place on Earth; Disneyland! Shaoo!  
And can I tell you, what a difference 9 months makes. When we visited in July Caden had just turned 1. He was loving it all and in awe. This time he was 21 months old. And so happy. It was so much fun for me to just watch his face.  (But not in the picture above. Haha!) 

Little Cody had a blast. We took Grandma Karen with us. We got to go to both parks. I love Disney's California Adventure. The powers that be Disney have done an amazing job Disney-fying that place. We love the Pixar movies and they had a Pixar parade. We got a special private meet and greet with Minnie Mouse.  And grandma and grandpa Kern came out for a bit. So we were hanging at the happiest place on Earth with 4 generations! 

Disney Junior was right up our alley! Cody love it!  

We loved Cars Land! That is where we ate lunch and took out 4 generations photo. My grandparents, my mom, me and my kids.

And of course a huge shout out to Deja for making this possible for me and my lil family! 

We watched the amazing as always fire works show at the end of our day. We left with sleepy happy boys.

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Wi Hansen said...

Good to see all your smiling faces! Miss ya, friends!