Monday, February 18, 2013

Day of Free

I bought a coupon book with a Groupon (which as you may know is a coupon.) So I used a coupon to buy a book of coupons for Free Stuff for half price. Also just before Valentine's day I bought 5 $1 Valentines booklets that kids can pass out to other kids. Each one had 12 coupons for free stuff.  On Presidents day we decided to have a fun Free Day!

McDonalds for the kids and Arby's for me! Yay!

 Then off to the Kiddie Park! Fun and free! Big Cody has been telling me how lame this place was for years. he has really been talking it down. so I was not expecting much. It was great! (If I had been expecting it to be great I would have been let down, though. Ha!) They have 8 kiddie rides. We had a free pass for unlimited ride. Lil Cody had a blast! Caden even got on the Merry-Go-Round. And K the 11 month old from daycare rode the spaceships with Stephanie.

From the Kiddie Park we went on over to the library to get some free books and movies to watch at home. Lil Cody loves the lil kid computer and since most parents don't realize you are suppose to sign up for it he almost always gets to get right on it. tee-hee-hee. 

After that we went back to McDonalds for free ice cream cones. 

Then that night we went to a movie for free with a coupon.  It was the Alamo Draft house so I did break down and buy a yummy dinner. (It was on a special value, though!)  Yay! 

It was a fun day of saving and playing! 

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heather b. said...

what a fun free day!!! free is always good!