Monday, July 2, 2012

My baby Caden

One month old today.

It has been an adventurous first month.  13 days in the hospital.  Grandma Karen came to help out and stay with us. Daddy went back to work. Older brother lil' Cody had his last day at daycare (since mommy is starting one at home in a few weeks.)  When you left the hospital you went straight to Chili's. You pretty much slept the whole time. After that you stopped by Sam's Club, then you went straight home where you stayed for a wole 1/2 a day. You had a doctor appointment the next day. You were 2 weeks old.  You have been out to eat courtsey of your grandma's a few times this month. You have also been to the library, church and Sea World twice and the movies 3 times.  You really outta take it easy and stay home and  relax a little. Your mommy is getting tired.
July 2nd

You are growing and gaining weight. 6 lbs 9 ounces as of last Friday (a day shy of 3 weeks old.) You are a breast fed baby and I love the bonding time that gives us, not to mention all the health benefits I get to give you. You can lift your head. You love moving your hands. We still bundle you up a lot since you are still so new and small. You were not due to come into this world for another 9 days. We are so happy you are here with us.
June 29th

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