Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree Oh Christmas tree...

Your saggy branches depress me...

We last had the girls here on December 3rd. We picked up our tree on December 2nd so the family could decorate it together. We had some massive tree drama. It fell over at least 3 times. Cat, Cody, crooked base. Ugh! We finally used flag stones to help it at the base and anchored it to the wall with twine and a screw.
We got it up and got it decorated. Oh so pretty. It was full and lovely. And had a random assortment of ornaments from my childhood and beyond. Some donated to me, some I bought, and the most random ones came from the left over stuff (no one else wanted) of Grandma Graves' holiday things. We had fun choosing what to put on the tree and making it pretty.
Slowly over the next few weeks the branches began to sag. The weight of the decorations and lights coupled with little Cody and the Cat effects have been proving to be too much for the tree. I am pretty sure the cat named Mouse thinks this is a huge new toy for him. Bella thinks it is a place to hide from Mouse. And best of all, it seems little Cody thinks the tree is a place to try and hang or throw your toys. (Which I think is cute, funny and clever, but sad for the tree.) 2 days ago he threw is jacket at it. That was all our poor tree could seem to handle. The front lower half was flat. Totally saggy with a huge hole and flat. Yesterday Big Cody and I tried to turn it. This did not work as we soon found out. The side that had been facing the window was even worse! Not flat just totally almost bald. (Thanks Cats, for that, ugh!) So after Cody left I had to do some serious tree fixing. I called one of my friends from church and was so close to borrowing a small table top tree and dumping old ugly 4 days before Christmas. But as I sat and stared at my sad dead saggy newly naked except the lights Christmas tree, I decided to see what I could do to let her last 4 more days. I did some major tree repair and revamping. I think she turned out ok. Here is to hoping she will stay together for 2 1/2 more days.
Oh Christmas tree, O Christmas tree, your repaired redecorated look pleases me...Sigh.

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korie said...

Great story! Does not sound like fun. But, it will be a funny memory!