Friday, December 10, 2010

Little Cody...2, Kidney Stone, like 17... Mommy...Zero

Oh, it's one of those days. Home sick from work. Made the mistake of not taking Cody to school. I love being with him. I don't get to be with him enough working full time and all, but today, not a good day to keep him home. I slept like 2 hours this morning while he watched t.v. (terrible parenting, I know.) And suddenly when it was his nap time he mastered (totally mastered with his 1st successful attempt) to climb out of his crib. I know being that he will be 3 in 2 months that he has stayed in that sucker a lot longer than most kids do, but that being said now I have to figure out how to get him to stay in bed. I will take any mommy tips you have on this. Please!!
But isn't he just so cute? In case you couldn't tell from that picture here is another one.
And while we are on the subject of terrible parenting, the other night when our fridge was looking pretty barren and the kid was whining for dinner and we were are scrambling for some thing to eat, I handed him a hot dog wrapped in bologna. Yep, folks, you read that right. For dinner I gave my son a hot dog wrapped in bologna. Not my proudest mom moment, but, eh, you make due, right? Normally in a pinch (and pretty much for breakfast every day) the kiddo gets a bologna, cheese tortilla roll up which he loves. We were out of tortillas and cheese (and just about ever thing else) so the hot dog bologna roll up with a side of animal crackers it was.
The home from work I mentioned? Due to this awful stone. Blah! Kidney stones. 2 surgeries, lots of pain and it is still there. Looks like it might have formed a protective force field and embedded it's self there. Which would be fine if it didn't hurt so bad and it wasn't blocking something. So, another appointment and most likely another out patient surgery coming up for me. But we do what we can. So, kidney stone, you won this round and the last 5 but I will win the war! And give you to my doctor as a souvenir.
One last note. I did say Mommy...Zero at the beginning of this post, but I am changing that. Little Cody also started saying "I love you." It sounds more like "A hub ew." I'll take it. And hub him right back! So mommy...1 and I say that makes today a winner.

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