Friday, September 11, 2009

It's Party Time Woody!

Cody and I have been watching a lot of Toy Story. I am prepping him for October 2nd. It is on my calendar and in my mom planner. We are going to see the double feature in 3D. He is ready for his first 3D movie. We are also practicing with the glasses with sunglasses. Toy Story 1 & @ have the honor of being in my top 3 favorite movies. (I count them as one.) The subject of this blog is a quote from Toy Story. This blog is a bit about a Party

Cody's cousin Ethan turned nine!!
We had a family party to celebrate at Peter Piper Pizza!
When we got there Cody just had to have a cupcake. He couldn't wait until we sang to Ethan. He was so funny with his cupcake.

Cody had fun playnig and being with his cousins. He did not love the Merry-Go-Round, though!

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