Friday, September 11, 2009

Did you get your hair cut? Nah, I got them all cut!

Cody got his first hair cut by a professional! (I had to give him a mini hair cut last August due to some crazy hairs.) He was a little wiggly but mostly ok. Thanks Lindsey! I have gotten so many compliments!!

This is before. With this before picture I am also showing some of you that look, I do in fact make us dinner sometimes. Haha. I actually have a goal of cooking once a week for the next six months. So far I am doing pretty good. One month down 5 to go!

This is during the process. Lindsey was our cutter stylist. Adrian and Alina helped keep Cody distracted and entertained.

This after picture shows you how cute his hair looks. And that I got our "year supply." I joke that I misunderstood the assignment. After three weeks we may be hungry but we will be well caffeinated. Haha.


Colissa said...

Cody looks so cute with his haircut! I love reading your Blog and seeing all of your pictures. You do such a great job! Love ya!

korie said...

Cute hair cut!
Looks like I know where to go when the end is near :)

BabinBlogger said...

what a handsome boy! he looks great! so what do you eat on the days you don't cook dinner??? ;)