Sunday, March 29, 2009

Ain't she Grand? The grandest of them all...

When ever some one asked with surprise (for some reason) "You've never seen the Grand Canyon?" I would reply, "You've seen one canyon, you've seen them all." Or the equally amusing to me pithy, "I've seen it in the movies and on TV." How ever, when my friend suggested we go I agreed. Cody hasn't see a canyon in person before, you know? He started out asleep, but now he too can say, "Yes, yes, I have been to the Grand Canyon." Don't fret, he did wake up to see it in person, too!
For those wondering, when I was a kid growing up my parents took us on family vacations. One summer we visited Zion and Bryce National Parks. They both have beautiful canyons.

The Grandest Canyon is so grand it has grand in it's name. My friend even narrated and looked up answers to my questions. While it is only ten mile flying from one end to the other to travel in car or down the Colorado River is is 215 to 219 miles long. It is an awesome feat of nature. While it's colors were much more vibrant through my sun glasses, the view is breath taking. We had a great time! My camera ending up quitting on me. I got a few pictures before it died. And Marah will be sending me more. (I will spare you and not post all of them.)


Tammy said...

Hey! I found your blog - via your facebook post to Melissa. I am sad that I missed you at the shin-dig Friday. My son had a B-ball game.
That sweet little Cody is not so little anymore - crawling around, talking! Holy Cow! That happened fast!
Can't wait to hold him again! -Kisses!

korie said...

Maybe I had better go again. I went when I was in High school. Not the most fun vaca with the parents, ya know.