Thursday, March 12, 2009

1-2-3-4 I declare a thumb war

I have been meaning to write a blog for a while now. Curse you Facebook! (But I like it. I can't believe how many people are on there!)

Since the hospital Cody has been great!! I am so happy about that. I think he has finally gotten that second top tooth. So he has 4 teefers now! 2 tiny ones on top and the 2 on the bottom. He is eating people food now. He does "real" crawling, too. The love of my life. He has blinked in every picture I have taken of him the last week! It is so funny.

I had 2 fun stories to tell that are not about Cody. One is all me and one is about Bella. I shall share.

Friday a week ago this all shook down.
It was the day after 6 months of no donuts. I had made myself a promise no donuts for 6 months. I held to it, too. March 5th was the day I was allowed to have a donut or doughnut if you prefer. I didn't feel like it that day, so the next morning I left the hose a little early and Cody and I went to the Dunkin Donuts they built next to my house (like 3 months ago!!!) for the first time. I got a dozen and thought this way I could eat a couple (4-6) and share the rest with my team at work. Well, two donuts later I am at work and I sit down and hear this tear. Riiip! Oh, no! What the whaaa? My pants split right down the seam in the back. I stand up. Oh, no! they really are ripped. I sit back down. Riiiipp! Ut oh! Not just a little hole any more. I pull my shirt down and scoot my chair in to hide my back of my pants. Or Panst as Ethan called them when he was about 5.

Luckily I sit in the farthest southest corner of our building and of the 150 or so people in the building there is absolutely no one behind me, too. And that is a good thing. Because as you can guess when i scooted my chair in.. Another 5 inches ripped. They were split from the waist band all the way down to mid thigh! The guy who sits next to me, my friend David, went to his car and got his dirty gym shorts for me to wear so I could run to the store (I live to far away to go home in the middle of my work day) and buy new panst. I had to buy the first pair that fit me. Stinkin JC Penny outlet store and your silly mom jeans. (I returned them the next day. What evs, they were not for me.) As a kindness David sprayed his gym shorts with Axe for me so they would smell nice. I had Axe burning my nostrils for the next six hours. That was fun. And funny since I wondered why his gym shorts smelt so strongly of cologne. I was wondering if he sprayed his shorts to work out to meet the ladies or something. He later told me he sprayed them so they smelt nice for me to wear to the store. Hahahahaha!

That is all for tonight. The Bella story will be coming soon.

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