Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Oops, I totally forgot!

I took these pictures for the specific purpose of putting one of them in a blog and I forgot to include it yesterday. So I will put all 3 of them today.

This is Cody and his cousin Hudson and (adopted older) sister Bella!

Now just the boys.

And Hudson and Bella.


Meagan said...

Cute pics. It will be fun when our boys can play together!

korie said...

I love the way Cody is holding Bella! That's way cute!

thebuchananfamily said...

We have a big ol' fat cat too. She isn't very nice though...she HATES the kids and Ian is getting good at teasing her!!

Cute pics of cousins...Aren't cousins fun? Haha. Actually it is nice to live so close to family so the cousins can grow up together. It was nice to have you guys live close to us, we had good memories didn't we? I just wish my kids lived a little closer to cousins that are more their age. We just have one cousin close by but she is 8. She is a great help! Well anyways cousins are fun. Cody & Hudson look like they will have a ton of fun when they get just a little bit older.