Saturday, July 12, 2008

Lions & Birthdays & Fat Rolls, Oh My!

Another week in the life of us. Not much happened, except Cody getting cuter and cuter!! Today we went to Cody's cousin Breghten's birthday party. This is Breghten touching his lion Cake his grandma made for him.

His cousin Drew was holding him, but after 2 pictures he was over it. This was the best I got.

This was what I found when I walked into daycare on Friday: My baby being a big boy baby in the saucer. He has a girlfriend at daycare (a few of 'em if you ask Miss Patti.) This is Gracie his older woman who was staring at him and trying to get his attention until I called thir names for the picture. (Either he is a no so great boyfriend or she might want to check out the book, "He's Just Not that into You")
Notice his lion bib. It came with the out fit.

This was Friday morning. He wanted to drive. His little arms would reach, so we did photo op instead.
And, yes folks, the boy laughs and smiles! See:
Finally... Fat Rolls, oh my!


thebuchananfamily said...

I love the little chubber fat rolls on babies. It makes you just want to nibble on their little legs!!!!

Meagan said...

Too cute! He is getting bigger and bigger every day.