Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Cody made new friends.

This is the end of the trip to California. Kristen Dan and Cody at the airport. Heading home. (I could not get it to the end of the blog.) I am still learning it and don't have too much time.

Hi Jessica!

Ooh and Deja!

There is Great Grandma and Great Grandpa! They love me, too! This is Cody and my cousin Colissa.
Heather and Steven and Cody. Cody sure loves Heather. Check it out. He is all happy and kick back with her!


thebuchananfamily said...

Hey this is your cousin Heather. Cody is so cute. You look very happy!! Grandma showed me lots of pics when they were up here in Utah not too long ago!

Here is my blog address

I am going to add you to my my site so I can easily see what you guys have been up too!!

Take care

kristen said...

I do love my hair in that picture!

korie said...

Cody sure is a lucky boy! I probably told you already but, we find out what we're having on Fri!