Wednesday, May 28, 2008

All about the Bell

So I know those of you who know are wondering about Bella. How is she doing, what's up with her. Any new tricks lately? How is she liking her brother? Well, I will tell you. She is a wee bit jealous. She loves it when I have visitors over the age of 7. She is all about rubbin up on them. Especially men in suits. She jumped up on my home teachers lap. Just before this happened I offered to put her in my room. They declined. When she jumped up onto his lap and got all comfy, I thought it was pretty funny. Of course I have to tried to hide that becasue it is my misbehaving loving cat.

She rolled over on cue last month when some ladies were here visiting me. It was awesome. My cat does do tricks. Of course she fetches, and does her chair trick, but the rolling over is pretty cool. She doesnt alway do it. Like when I try to get it on video, she ignores me.

She ignores Cody for the most part too. Tonight I came home with out him, because Jeaniece was watching him for me and is bringing him home soon, but let me tell you she is loooviiinng it. I have explained to her he is coming back and will be here soon. I think she gets it becasue she walked away and went in the bathroom and left a nasty stink inher liter box. Ha!

That is all for now.

I know, awesome: blogging Bella stories, before I post even one real Cody blog.

Ooh, now she is on my lap. She loves her momma.

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korie said...

I noticed you added Bella to the tittle of your blog...funny story!