Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Little Surgery; Big Scare

Subtitled:  Miracles do Happen Today

So, sweet crazy Darth Vader breathing Caden had surgery on Monday.  It was a simple procedure. Done at a surgery center not a hospital since it was very low risk. Adenoids removed and little slits in his ears to drain the fluid. Take away that minor ear pain and removing the adenoids to help him breathe. They were so enlarged he struggled to breathe out of his nose and really breathed so loud kids in church felt compelled to tell me my baby breathed loud. Ha!

His awesome Pediatric Ear Nose Throat Specialist he has had since he was born did the surgery. It went perfect. Took less that 30 minutes. "The surgery was quite boring," the anesthesiologist told me. What happened after that not so much.  When Caden started waking up from the anesthesia his voice box expanded and caused the airflow to his lungs to cease. Usually they can force the oxygen past and this relaxes the voice box once the oxygen is back in the lungs and all is well. Well, this didn't work. They could not get the air past. The had to take him back into the operating room and intubate him again.  They gave him more medicine (Propofol, I think) and his voice box relaxed and he seemed ok at first. He started to come out of it and the same thing happened. So again they took him back to the operating room and did it again.  After this he didn't want to wake up. 

Between the first and the second time the doctor called me back and told me what happened. She mentioned they'd be calling me back shortly to be with him.  When 15 minuted passed I was a little worried. My mother in law and I prayed. Then I talked to my grandma. She suggested asking others to help pray, too.  I did. I texted people and solicited prayers and good vibes on facebook. in the mean time it tried to happen 2 more times but, they were able to force the air past the swelling in these next two incidents. Once I asked for the prayers the response was beautiful, loving and so kind. The Lord listened to these united prayers coming from all over and after only 15 minutes I was able to go back and sit with him and hold him. 

He at this point had to have Oxygen just held in front of his face but he was breathing. He was still having trouble waking up though. He was sleeping. He got more (a different kind) of medicine to help clear the lungs.  The anesthesiologist stayed with us the whole time. As I held my sweet little guy for an hour there in the recovery room your prayers and well wishes did not stop.  When after 30 minutes he was still de-sating every time the oxygen was moved away we knew we were heading to the hospital.  He woke up for about 20 minuted while waiting for the ambulance. 

We went to the hospital and prayers kept pouring in. When we got to the hospital he woke up again. He didn't need the oxygen any more. 

We stayed over night. By 8am he was back to his usual self. 

I know that Heavenly Father listens to and answers our prayers. I know he heard all the voices and thought united for this little boy and our family on this day and answered this. It was amazing how fast after the prayers started coming in that his condition started changing. 
 The hospitalist too a long time to come release us on Tuesday. So finally I unhooked all his cords and monitors and took him for a walk. He looked like himself again except in the hospital gown. 

I know the Lord still performs miracles in our day. We deeply from the bottom of our hearts want to tank all of you who prayed for our little man. You helped in our miracle. 

On a side note: he is even happier and in less pain than usual for a kid his age who has had this procedure. Speedy recovery, you say? You ask? Ok says the Lord. 

Thank you!

Caden and his Mommy & Daddy

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