Wednesday, March 20, 2013

No longer living La Vida Loca

It's my birthday. I am 36 years old today. Here are some of my favorite things as of right now at 36 and some other tid bits about me. (I think my interests have changed a lot over the last 8 years or so.) Some may recall my 28th birthday party where we had a bounce house, a pinata, and bbq for grown ups. 

I am still young at heart. I would still bounce in a bounce house (and did 3 weeks ago.) 
I love sweets. Preferably cake with butter creme frosting. (cookies & candy are good, too.) 

My favorite food is still popcorn. As in typically I would rather have popcorn more than dinner. Some like pizza, some like Mexican food, mine is popcorn. And recently I got my amazing popcorn popper and shortly there after found the perfect way to make it take just how I like. Mmmm. 
\This leads to crazy kernels all over the place, though.

My favorite thing to do is sleep hang out with my 2 sons. They are so fun. Cody makes me laugh every day. And worry and laugh again.  Caden has the biggest grin I have ever seen. His eyes are so full of love and searching for new adventures and learning all the time. 

My favorite man is my ah-maze-za-ing husband Cody. He is the best. He is silly and funny and loving and kind. He has the patience of  a saint. 

I love my family. I have 2 pretty awesome step-daughters, too! 
Stephanie on a motorcycle

My current favorite animal is Mouse. That cat rocks! He waits until Caden is asleep and comes in and sleeps on the other side of me. He is so funny. He is a cuddly cat and even tolerates the daycare kids. 
My favorite date is going to the temple with my husband. (This is a recent favorite. Like a really new favorite,  but it is the best.)  I also still love going to the movies, but don't take me to dinner before the movie. I don't want to fill up before I get my popcorn!

I would go on but you are probably bored with all this self love and happiness I am sharing here and I think I hear a baby calling me. 

Thanks for reading. (I like comments, too!)  
Here is a happy picture to leave you smiling today...
Cody, Edward Cullen, Mariana, and the back of Cadens head!


Maria Babin said...

Shawndel, Happy birthday for starters, but I also want to tell you something I've been meaning to tell you for a long time. I am so proud of the awesome young mother you have become! You are delightful, funny, and have such a good heart! Your happiness is contagious! Thank you for being you! Love, Maria

Charly said...

Happy Birthday! What a fun post to read and get to know you just a wee bit more. You're fantastic.

Marci said...

Shawndel, you are too funny! I hope that you enjoy all the popcorn you bought the other day! I loved reading all these things about you. Oh! And I hope your birthday dinner was delicious, it was excellent to run into you at the sale!

Shawndel said...

Thank you, Maria. That is so sweet and nice to hear! I love seeing yoir both and all the fun serif you do, too.

Shawndel said...

Thank you, Maria. That is so sweet and nice to hear! I love seeing yoir both and all the fun serif you do, too.