Thursday, May 31, 2012

My Sons... Soon there will be 2

Our newest addition is due July 11th. He will be here before that. We are so excited. Little Cody is excited too. I think he understands. He seems to.

Lil C is really funny these days. To think it wasn't that long ago we were concerned about his lack of talking and all of that. Maybe he was a late bloomer, eh?  Well, he has sort of bloomed.

Some of his latest things that show his personality shining through:

He likes to carry things in his hand. A typical day will find him holding a Hot Wheels car, and unsharpened pencil, and a small bouncy ball.  Some days we can not leave the house until he has these 3 items.  If he has them some time in the day then they are a must for bed time. In the morning he wakes up and looks for them right away.

He loves to play pretend. Lately we have played a lot of Handy Manny. We start with the phone call, "Handy Manny's Repair shop you break it we fix it." We always sing the song to get to tools in the box. then on our way to the job we stop by Mr. Lopark and he never needs out help.  We go to the job, the we go to Kelly's then back to finish the job. And we sing the song. the fix it song. Then the phone rings and we do it again. All along the way we change who plays Manny and who is the other  people like 4 times each time. It is pretty funny. And for those of you Handy Manny fans out there you can see where he get this play order.

He will also play like we are going on a Rocket adventure a la Little Einstien's, only we get to go too. Some times we play Phineas and Ferb or Word World. Sometimes all these characters combine. He is too funny. I love it. And he likes to sing the these songs.

He still says funny things, cute things, too.

I get "hey, mom, I'm busy here!" a lot.

Well, my munchican just got out of the bath and needs a hotdog with cheese and a bologna wrapped in a tortilla. (His dinner of choice.) So, see you later peeps.

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