Sunday, January 22, 2012

More Lil Cody Quotes

When hearing a sound (any sound, cats fighting, an exercise ball bouncing on the ground, etc...)

"What's that wonderful sound?"

One night he had a mild fever. We took his temperature and then gave him some medicine. The next day...

"Mommy, I have the hiccups. I am sick I need my temperature and some medicine." With this he raised his arm for the thermometer and also pointed at his mouth and then for effect he faked a hiccup. Haha.

After playing at his new friend from churches house he just met....

"Now, I have 2 friends, mommy."
Me: Oh, yah and who are they?

"Noemi & Jacob." (Jacob the new friend, Noemi is one of his friends from our old ward.)

When helping him brush his teeth tonight...

"I do it now, mommy. You brush yours."

 When watching the movie Up for the 15th time he still asks

"What happened?" all through it 1/2 the time. 

When I looked at the screen and saw Carl at the funeral in Up and told him that his wife died he said...

"That is so sad."

I heard him telling this to a girl in his class at daycare when she sat down for breakfast.

"Isabella, your hair is so beautiful." 

Me: "Isabella, did you hear him, Cody said he likes your hair, say thank you."

Isabella: Nothing

Cody: "It is the most beautiful hair I have ever seen."

When his 17 year old sister Stephanie was asking him to watch Monsters Inc. he told her....

"No, we can't. It is too scary for you. Let's watch this one." (He points to the movie Up.)

After the bath when daddy wraps him in his towel he comes to me  and says...

"I'm a burrito momma, I'm a burrito." That is courtesy of daddy. :)

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