Friday, October 7, 2011

It's official

It is official. My camera is gone. I need a new one. All of my recent pictures are coming from my phone. Sup, sup, with that? There were 900+ memories on there that are gone forever. Tear! (I have a suspicion as to who may have gotten themselves a new camera a few months back. But it is waaaay gone and outta state now if that suspicion is correct.

It’s official. We are out of our house. We are still living out of storage and staying at a family from churches house. It has been so nice of them to let us stay there. But, hopefully we will get our keys today. We need to be in our own place. All 4 of us are feeling so displaced. Me, Cody, Lil Cody and Mouse. Our snakes are staying at a different home for these days. The family who has them is not all happy they are there. So they are also displaced. I hope our house is ready today!

It’s official. Little Cody is a-maze-za-zing! He knows the alphabet, the sounds, he can figure out what letter words start with and just last week he started showing me the alphabet in sign language. He loves to quiz me. When I get the answer right he usually tells me, “Good job, Momma.” I love it. Yesterday we were eating grapes and he tells me, “Mmmm. I love grapes! These are good. Everyone loves grapes.” Haha.

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